The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day


The perfect Mother's Day gift, essential oils from Young Living!

Hey pretty mama! This post is for you (Husbands see below). Moms, I know how hard you work everyday taking care of your family. It can be easy to put yourself on the back burner. Well Mother’s Day is fast approaching and that means its time to think about what ‘YOU’ really want!

Last year I gave myself permission to go ahead and order Young Living essential oils as a present to myself for Mother’s Day. If essential oils have been on your wish list, do what I did and follow the directions below to order them for yourself. Or let your hubby know. Think of how happy you’ll both be knowing how much you’re going to love this years Mother’s Day gift! A gift that truly keeps giving! Not only will you be better equipped to care for your family naturally, these essential oils can turn your bathroom into a day at the spa! It’s really fun and easy to make your own products using these essential oils. Stay tuned for my next post on how to make your very own spa products. You work hard everyday and you deserve a little spoiling 🙂

Hi hubbies 🙂

Did your wife send you here? Then this is the gift she really wants from you!

If you haven’t heard about Young Living essential oils and want to know more, you can learn all about them here in this Essential Oils 101 Online Class (it’s only 20 minutes!).

 What You Need to Know

1. The hands-down best way to get started is with the Premium Starter Kit. She will get 11 extremely multipurpose oils AND a diffuser. And if you sign up with me (step 3 below), I will include a 400+ page reference guide as a gift along with a few other bonus gifts, plus provide support via our Oil Moxie support system. This kit is over $260 retail, but is only $150 (plus tax & shipping) when you sign up as a wholesale member.

2. To get this kit, you will sign either yourself or her up for a Wholesale Membership. This is NOT a commitment! Think of it as a Costco membership, but no annual fee. 🙂 With a wholesale membership, you/she will be able to get wholesale pricing from here on out on Young Living products, saving 24% off the cost of retail. (Note: Young Living requires a social security number for tax purposes, so keep that in mind as you are setting up the account – whether you want to set it up in your name or hers!)

3. Ordering is easy, simply follow these steps:

Click here to go to Young Living’s order form
Choose Member
Be sure the Sponsor ID/Enroller ID fields are filled out with number 1816721
Choose your country & language preference
Fill in personal information (address, email, phone number)
Select a user name, password, and 4 digit PIN (please write these down!)
Fill in your tax preference (social security is required for wholesale members as a federal regulation for tax purposes; however, if no one purchases anything with your Young Living ID, your SSN will not be used)
Check the box to agree with Young Living terms
Choose the Premium Starter Kit (or another Premium kit of your choice)
Choose whether to earn more savings with optional Essential Rewards program (can opt in at later date if preferred, but this is never required)
Select blue box (Enrollment Checkout), then you can also add other products at this time
Choose shipping method and enter payment information
Review cart and be sure to select ACTIVATE AND PLACE ORDER
IMPORTANT! I will be sending her a free reference guide, as well as some other free gifts so PLEASE contact me to let me know you ordered so I don’t spoil the surprise if it needs to be kept secret! I can ship the book to an alternate address, but contact me to let me know!

You’re all set!! If you have any questions or trouble at all, please contact me!!

Last but not least, here is a peek at what she will get with her Premium Starter Kit!!

New Premium Starter Kit from Young Living

Good job hubby! Get ready for some extra XOX’s!!!!! She’s going to love her Premium Starter Kit as well as these bonus gifts for ordering with Essential Oils Obsessed.


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