How to Earn Free Products from Young Living in April 2015

Wow, this months FREEBIES are AWESOME! For anyone who places an order at or above 190 PV, you’ll receive a free 5 ml bottle of lavender essential oil. If you’re an Essential Rewards (ER) member or join this month and place an order of at least 250 PV, you’ll receive a 3 pack of Thieves Spray, and a 5 ml bottle of lavender essential oil, and a 5 ml bottle of wintergreen essential oil. If you place an ER order of 300 PV or greater you’ll receive all of the above PLUS and extra 10% back in rewards points! I’ve already placed my ER order this month and I made sure to hit 300 PV so I could take advantage of all these awesome freebies!

Young Living April 2015 Promo

Lavender Essential Oil

Because of its many uses lavender essential oil is known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of oils! My family and I use this versatile oil daily. Some of our favorite uses for lavender essential oil include:

  • relaxation and calming, especially before bed time
  • adding to baths
  • in my diy face wash, hand soap, hair serum, face masks
  • great when applied after being in the sun too long
  • takes the itch out of mosquito bites

Thieves Spray

As a Mom and a germaphobe, thieves spray is a must have. After becoming a Mom I made a conscious decision to limit the amount of toxins my daughter was exposed to. The germaphobe side of me rejoices because I can use this stuff on just about everything and don’t have to worry about it discoloring fabrics like bleach and its completely non toxic! Win – Win!!!

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen essential oil is especially helpful for sore aching muscles and head tension. Its scent is just like wintergreen gum, which I find yummy! This is also an excellent diffuser choice.

Essential Rewards Bonus Points

Earn an additional 10% back in ER points with any order over 300 PV, up to 50 points!

When you first join ER you receive 10% back in free product credits. After 6 months you receive 15% back in free products credits. After one year you receive 20% back in free products credits. So depending on how long you’ve been enrolled in ER you can earn either 20%, 25%, or 30% back to use towards FREE products! Learn how to set up your ER account and start earning even more free oils!

Have you had your eye on the Premium Starter Kit? Now is a great time to order yours and add a few more products to take advantage of April’s promo both from Young Living and myself!

Happy Oiling,

 What comes in Young Livings Premium Starter Kit

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