The natural and effective way to clean your makeup brushes

Hey ladies, do you put off cleaning your makeup brushes? Me too!!! Well not anymore. I’ve got a beauty hack that is just too good, not to share!

The non toxic way to quickly clean makeup brushes using melaleuca alternifolia essential oil.

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One of the reasons I procrastinate this chore is because it usually requires me standing over the sink washing and rinsing, washing and rinsing for what feels like forever. There has to be a faster and more effective way right? I have bought products specifically made for cleaning makeup brushes and have not found them to expedite the process. Plus, they’re usually comprised of some not so great for you ingredients. So the other day, I had an idea!¬†What if I add a drop of Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) oil? My thinking was, it’s so great at zapping my zits, maybe it would help to really clean my brushes and prevent future breakouts. So I added a drop to the cleanser I was using, (I make my own) you can get my easy and non-toxic recipe here. To my surprise the makeup was melting away. To say Melaleuca Alternifolia sped up the process is an understatement! I have never experienced anything like this, even with products specifically made for this purpose. This beauty hack is just too good not to share!

Here’s what I do.

For my brushes and powder pads, I add a pump or two of cleanser to my palm, then a drop of Melaleuca Alternifolia. Then I swirl and press the brush/pad into my palm to release the makeup, rinse with water and repeat until completely clean. It used to take me at least 10 minutes to clean one brush! Now I can do one brush within 1-2 minutes!

Here’s why I love this so much!

Not only am I saving time, (maybe not a lot, but hey when you’re a Mom every minute matters. ūüėČ But, I also¬†have peace of mind knowing my brushes are squeaky clean and free from the zit causing nasties. Most of all, I love that I don’t need to use toxic products to get the job done!

It’s so cool, you just have to try it!

I’m so happy Melaleuca Alternifolia is now included in the Premium Starter Kit. I keep finding fabulous new ways to use this oil and it has quickly become one of my favorites!

Happy Oiling,

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The NON-TOXIC way to Banish the Dirty Diaper Smell from your nursery

Is your baby’s diaper pail stinking up the whole room? Ours was and after much trial and error I’ve finally found a solution! A Non-Toxic solution using two simple ingredients!

A non toxic way to eliminate dirty diaper odors

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I may be naive, but I thought the whole point of using a diaper pail was to contain those poopy diaper smells!? Maybe we just have the wrong one, because our diaper pail does not! It’s cute, but not an effective option for keeping our daughter’s nursery from stinking like a dirty diaper from the moment you enter the room. So after many attempts to find a natural and non-toxic remedy I’ve finally found something that works! And it’s so easy, I just have to share!

All you need is Baking Soda and Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree oil), this is one of the new oils now included in the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. When I first bought my kit this oil was not included. I recently ordered a bottle to have on hand for this winter to use if needed. This is a great oil to have in your natural medicine cabinet. Since this was a new oil for me, I have been doing a lot of reading on how it can be used and decided to give it a try in my battle against the diaper pail.

If you’d like to give this a try,

All you do is add about 5 drops of¬†Melaleuca Alternifolia to about a 1/4 cup of baking soda and pour it in your diaper pail bag. I am so pleased to have finally found something that not only works, but also keeps the chemicals out of my lil’ baby’s room!

Hopefully, this will save you from the trial error time it took me to come to a natural solution!

Happy Oiling,

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my personal use. You can read the full disclaimer here.