How to Save Money and Clean Green with Thieves Household Cleaner!

I have to admit it took me a little while to start using Thieves Household Cleaner. Even though I was already a believer in the power of thieves essential oil. I was just overwhelmed with the different dilution ratios for using the thieves cleaner. Luckily, its easier than I thought. Cleaning is now much simpler, and safer than its ever been.

Thieves Household Cleaner How to Simply Dilute and Use

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Lets talk about what makes Thieves Household Cleaner so Great!

Thieves All Purpose Household Cleaner is made of non-toxic, renewable plant and mineral based ingredients. It also contains two cleaning dynamos, lemon and thieves essential oil! You could actually drink this stuff and be OK. Not that I would want to drink this, but good to know since I have a very curious little one running around my house. Oh, and because it comes in a concentrated bottle, one small bottle can make 14 – 32 oz bottles of cleaner! This was a big aha moment. At $22.00 wholesale per small bottle, I used to think it was just too pricey for my budget. But, once I realized I’m actually getting 14 bottles of cleaner for just $1.57 per bottle, that’s a deal if not a steal! Affordable, effective, and safe to use around my entire family?! Score!!!!

So how did I get over the dilution dilemma? I got a tip from a YL event I went to. Instead of diluting for every different use, I made up one bottle using just one capful of thieves household cleaner and the rest water. You can use distilled or tap it’s up to you. I use this cleaner to clean my entire house now. For areas like the sink, bathtub, or shower I spray the entire area with thieves cleaner and then sprinkle baking soda to help tackle the grime.  I have bottles of baking soda stashed around the house, so its not a big deal to just grab it and use alongside my thieves cleaner. Why do I have baking soda everywhere? 🙂 Well its just so darn useful! I keep a bottle of baking soda in my bathroom for brushing my teeth with a drop of peppermint for a minty clean mouth. I also add it to my cleanser when I want to quickly exfoliate my face. And I keep a bottle of baking soda at my kitchen sink for sprinkling on pots and pans that have set in food.

General dilution ratios for Thieves Household Cleaner (THC).

Light Degreasing: 1 cap THC to 3 cups water

Medium Degreasing: 1 cap THC to 2 cups water

Heavy Degreasing: 1 cap THC to 1 cup water

Hand Cleaner: 1/2 cup THC to 1/2 cup water

Dishwasher: As a rinse agent or you can put a cap THC in the bottom of your dishwasher and use in place of detergent

Floors and Carpet: 1 cap THC to 6 cups of water

Walls: 1 cap THC to 2 cups water

Where to find bottles.

To make your own bottle of thieves cleaner you can reuse a spray bottle you already have, or check out the Container Store. I found some really great 32 oz bottles on Amazon too.

If you’d like a great dispenser for using baking soda while you clean here’s a link to the kind I use from Amazon.

Like I said earlier, I use this on everything and you can too. Lets go room by room to give you a better idea.

Kitchen: Refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, oven, dishes, cutting boards, counter tops, sinks, and floor.

Bathroom: Shower, tub, sink, toilet, mirrors, windows, floor.

Bedroom: Mattress, pillows, sheets, windows.

Living Room: Couch, rug, pillows, blankets.

Kids Everything: Toys, strollers, car seats, high chair

For more great ideas, check out this info-graphic from Young Living.

How to save money and clean green with Thieves Household Cleaner

Do you have any tips for cleaning without toxic chemicals? I’d love to hear!

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