Visit the Ylang Ylang Farm in Ecuador

Today is Valentines Day, Happy Valentines Day to you!!! Being the day of love, I thought it would be fun to show you why I love Young Living. It’s a simple, but important reason, their dedication to providing us with the highest quality essential oils! The amount of thought and care that goes into each bottle we receive is amazing. It may seem a little nuts to be talking about love in regards to a company on Valentines Day. But the truth is, I LOVE YOUNG LIVING!!!! I love the freedom their products have given me to take control of our health and swap out all the everyday toxic products we had been using. If you’ve ever tried replacing toxic for natural products, while not spending a fortune. You will understand my great admiration for this company!

The truth is, the essential oil industry has very loose regulations, little to none to be exact. Therefore, knowing where your essential oils come from, and how the company is producing these oils from the seed that is planted all the way till it is bottled is worth knowing. Just like anything else you’re putting on or in your body you want to know exactly what you’re getting, right?! Young Living is completely transparent, anyone can visit their farms and take part in the harvesting.  But, that’s not quite realistic for all of us with our busy lives to just pick up and visit the farms before we decide on an essential oil company to trust.

So I thought it would be fun to take a behind the scenes tour. February is when the harvesting of Ylang Ylang begins. If you haven’t tried Ylang Ylang yet, its intoxicating, a truly floral aroma. I love to wear this as a perfume. It helps to elevate my mood and my husband always seems to take notice and finds me a little more attractive when I do. In this video you will get to see where the Ylang Ylang that ends up in your bottle of essential oil starts out, at the farm in Ecuador. How each flower to be distilled is chosen and more. Not all essential oil companies have controls set in place to ensure the standards that Young Living guarantees. OK, enough of me… just watch the video, before I give it all away! 🙂


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