All Natural Relief for your best friend’s Anxiety

Natural remedy for dog anxiety

This is our sweet Gracie. Before we adopted her she was in a Puppy Mill. It makes me so sad to think about what she may have endured in her Puppy Mill days yet so happy to know she is in a loving home now. In the last 7 years that she has been apart of our family she has gotten much less skiddish. But loud abrupt noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms cause extreme anxiety for her. So I did some oil research and during our last thunderstorm, which went on for hours…no joke; I decided to try a drop of Valor on the back of her neck (the area where you would normally apply flea/tick medicine). And then diffuse Peace & Calming.  The relief was almost instantaneous. And what a relief for me too, knowing my sweet Gracie didn’t have to be terrified anymore. These two fantastic oils are included in the Everyday Oil Collection. And if you’d like to learn more about them, check out my Premium Starter Kit page; where I go into more detail about their properties and uses.

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